Statement and Bio

I view each work I create as an expression of a particular time, place, season and mood. I am especially inspired by the changing rural landscape of central Illinois.

I use a multiple layering technique with both the pastels and oil paintings. By allotting a passage of time between each layer, I allow the piece to "tell" me what is needed next. I also enjoy focusing on the implied movement of each subject, to reflect the passage of time.

The colors I choose are intended to convey a heightened awareness of the subject matter. My hope is to capture images of shelter, growth, space and pleasure in their most elemental forms.

Although I am most gratified by the process of creating, I also hope to provide the viewer with a respite from the relentless pace of modern life.

Patrick Harness was born in Mobile, Alabama. He has since resided in Western Australia, Oregon and Brooklyn, New York where he attended Pratt Institute. His images are a result of 35 years of experimenting with a variety of media, with a focus on pastel and oil painting. He has happily resided in central Illinois since 1977 where he enjoys the company of his family, friends and the unique beauty of its rural landscape.
Photo: K. Robeson

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